Selected Clients

  • Stephen Hough pianist
  • Jeni Slotchiver pianist
  • Roberta Rust pianist
  • Intersection classical trio
  • Leila Josefowicz violinist
  • Nicholas Walker pianist
  • CM Artists artist management
  • Yevgeny Sudbin pianist
  • André Watts pianist
  • Ilya Itin pianist
  • Petronel Malan pianist
  • GameStop Inc.
  • C I Host
  • Carl Weinberg
  • Fellman Law Office, P.L.L.C.
  • Concert Mortgages
  • Dunn|Sheehan LLP
  • Beginning's Boutique

Photo Retouching mouse over an image to see a before/after photo comparison Please note: unfortunately your web browser does not support the before/after photo comparison

Airbrush Example 1

Skin Smoothing

Skin pores and shine are softened underneath the artist's eye

Airbrush Example 2

Skin Smoothing

Skin pores and shine are softened around the artist's cheekbone

Airbrush Example 3

Color & Skin Imperfection

Brightness and contrast were adjusted to counteract poor lighting conditions, and razor burn on the artist's neck was removed

Airbrush Example 4

Background Imperfections

Removed random spots that are apparent against the light background

Airbrush Example 5

Hair Strands

Stray hair strands are removed against a gradient background

Airbrush Example 6

Dust Particles & Debris

Removed dandruff and various dust specks on the artist's dark shirt

Airbrush Example 7

Dust Particles & Debris

Removed various dust specks and a stray hair that are apparent on the artist's dark jacket